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The GEOSCOPE Metadata (G) is available in FDSN formats stationXML and SEED.

The metadata is produced and validated by the GEOSCOPE Network.

Accessing metadata in FDSN stationXML format

The GEOSCOPE metadata in FDSN stationXML format is avaiable through FDSN Web Services. For more information, go to Access to validated data.

Accessing metadata in FDSN SEED dataless format

A SEED Dataless volume contains metadata only (without waveforms). The SEED Dataless for whole GEOSCOPE Network or for each station build up all station description and their acquisition systems since network creation.

These SEED Dataless can be read   with the IRIS-DMC tool  rdseed.

Download the full SEED Dataless: dataless.G.seed.gz

Download a tar file ot the SEED Dataless for each GEOSCOPE station: dataless.G.stations.seed.tgz

Download metadata in dataless SEED per station

In addition, these SEED Dataless can be accessed directly through the http protocol.