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Access to validated data

arrow Access to continuous validated data using FDSN webservices

You can access GEOSCOPE validated data through the FDSN web services implemented at the IPGP datacenter.

Web services URL: http://fdsnws.ipgp.fr/fdsnws/

Two web services are implemented:

stock script  Some examples using the FDSN web services implemented at IPGP datacenter

More information about the FDSN web services on the FDSN web site: http://www.fdsn.org/webservices/


arrow Acces to continuous validated data with the Arclink protocol

Arclink is a protocol used for seismological data exchange. The data requests are made by time windows. Allowed request types are currently WAVEFORM, RESPONSE, INVENTORY, ROUTING and QC. Data format of WAVEFORM and RESPONSE requests is SEED (Mini-SEED, dataless SEED, full SEED). Data format of INVENTORY, ROUTING and QC requests is XML.

More information about Arclink:

To access GEOSCOPE data through the Arclink Protocol, use:

port : 18001

Note that  the TCP port 18001 must be open in your institution firewall.

There is two ways to access data using the Arclink protocol:


arrow Data from GEOSCOPE Network, code FDSN G, are available over several Data Centers by different methods.

logo Iris At IRIS Data Center through the Web Services..