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Basic Network Information

Network code: G Identifier: doi:10.18715/GEOSCOPE.G
Type: Permanent DataCite metadata: datacite search
Restricted: No Seismic metadata: Station XML
Archived at: IPGP Datacenter Data access: here
Time Range: 1982 to now
Institution(s): IPGP, partners
Creator(s): IPGP Datacenter
Abstract: The GEOSCOPE network (G) is a global seismological network created in 1982 to respond to the challenge of instrumenting isolated sites all around the world.
The GEOSCOPE network is primarily dedicated to research and its data are used for studies of Earth structure and dynamics, seismic sources, time dependent seismology and environmental seismology.
It currently runs 35 seismic stations, all of which are now equipped to provide real-time data, used for rapid source determination (among others by tsunami alert centers).
Most of the stations (23) include a very broad band seismometer (STS1), and the remaining ones a broadband seismometer (STS2 or Trillium 240).
Stations are usually installed in vaults with special equipments aimed at reducing long period noise related to atmospheric pressure variation.
Data of this network are freely and fully disseminated in SEED format (both in real time and after validation) by the IPGP, RESIF and IRIS data centers.
IPGP data center also provides additional products built with GEOSCOPE data, such as near real-time estimation of global seismicity source parameters (for earthquakes above magnitude 5.5-6).
Citations: GEOSCOPE - French Global Network of broadband seismic stations. Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris & Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre de Strasbourg (EOST) - doi:10.18715/GEOSCOPE.G
Related references: • Douet, V., M. Vallée, D. Zigone, S. Bonaimé, E. Stutzmann, A. Maggi, C. Pardo, A. Bernard, N. Leroy, F. Pesqueira, J.-J. Lévêque, J.-Y. Thoré, M. Bes de Berc, and J. Sayadi, The GEOSCOPE broadband seismic observatory, EGU General Assembly (18), EGU2016-8867, 2016.

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G Network Station Map

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G Network Station List

Status Code Localization Latitude Longitude Elev.
Start End
AGD Arta Grotte - Arta, Republic of Djibouti11.52942.8240.451985/03/091990/12/09
AIS Nouvelle-Amsterdam - TAAF, France-37.7963577.5691860.03591993/12/25Working station
ATD Arta Cave - Arta, Republic of Djibouti11.53072542.8466340.611993/07/07Working station
BNG Bangui, Republique Centrafricaine4.43518.5470.3781987/12/112001/01/01
CAN Canberra, Australia-35.318715148.9963250.71987/11/27Working station
CAY Cayenne - French Guiana, France4.948-52.3170.0251985/07/221991/09/30
CCD Concordia Base, Dome C, Antartica-75.1065123.3053.242007/01/01Working station
CLF Chambon la Foret Observatory, France48.025792.260.1452008/07/10Working station
COYC Coyhaique, Chile-45.57299-72.081390.2352004/12/17Working station
CRZF Port Alfred - Ile de la Possession - Crozet Islands, France-46.4309651.8553080.141986/02/01Working station
DRV Dumont d'Urville - Terre Adelie, Antarctica-66.664908140.0020690.041986/02/01Working station
DZM Dzumac - New Caledonia, France-22.07164166.443770.8782003/09/01Working station
ECH Echery - Sainte Marie aux Mines, France48.2163137.1589610.581990/11/08Working station
EDA Edea, Cameroon3.77886810.1534270.142019/05/04Working station
EVO Evora, Portugal38.532-8.01301996/02/072000/01/01
FDF Fort de France - Martinique island, France14.734971-61.1463110.4671998/11/252019/10/21
FDFM Morne la Rosette, Martinique, France14.73493-61.1597280.322019/10/24Working station
FOMA Nahampoana Reserve - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar-24.9756546.9788770.0282008/09/01Working station
FUTU Maopo'opo, Futuna-14.307673-178.121070.0972016/06/26Working station
GRC Garchy, France47.29553.07360.1912000/06/212002/12/19
HDC Heredia, Costa Rica10.00201-84.111421.1861997/03/08Working station
HDC2 Heredia, Costa Rica10.027-84.1171.2531987/09/251989/03/01
HYB Hyderabad, India17.4186778.552130.511989/01/15Working station
INU Inuyama, Japan35.35137.0290.1321987/03/04Working station
IVI Ivittuut, Greenland61.205808-48.1711780.0152011/09/12Working station
KIP Kipapa, Hawaii, USA21.42-158.01120.111986/04/17Working station
KOG Kourou - French Guiana, France5.207-52.7320.011994/07/021999/12/19
MBO M'Bour, Senegal14.392024-16.9554670.0031985/09/012020/03/04
MPG Montagne des Peres - French Guiana, France5.11011-52.6444830.1472000/07/03Working station
NOC Noumea - New Caledonia, France-22.284166.4320.0051985/12/081987/10/27
NOUC Port Laguerre - New Caledonia, France-22.09863166.306650.1371988/03/21Working station
PAF Port aux Francais - Kerguelen - TAAF, France-49.35170.2107080.0171983/01/01Working station
PCR La Plaine des Cafres - La Reunion island, France-21.2084255.57211.521982/07/251986/02/09
PEL Peldehue, Chile-33.143607-70.674940.71995/10/04Working station
PPT Pamatai - Papeete - Tahiti island - French Polynesia, France-17.569-149.5760.341986/05/312009/03/25
PPTF Pamatai - Papeete - Tahiti island - French Polynesia, France-17.5896-149.565250.7052009/04/25Working station
PVC Port Vila - Efate island, Vanuatu-17.74168.3120.081994/06/012004/04/01
RER Riviere de l'Est - Sainte Rose - La Reunion island, France-21.171255.739860.8341986/02/10Working station
ROCAM Leguat Reserve, Rodrigues Island, Republic of Mauritius-19.7555363.370140.0522012/12/15Working station
RODM Rodrigues Island, Republic of Mauritius-19.69619663.4412790.32010/11/102014/09/07
SANVU Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu-15.447148167.2032310.0562011/11/01Working station
SCZ Chualar Canyon - Santa Cruz - California, USA36.59798-121.404810.2611986/06/112013/01/01
SEY Seymchan, Russia62.933152.3730.2061990/09/211994/02/02
SOK Sop - Niakhar, Senegal14.494418-16.4562230.07092020/03/08Working station
SPB Sao Paulo, Brazil-23.592691-47.4269790.6471996/06/17Working station
SSB Tunnel de Badole - Saint Sauveur en Rue, France45.2794.5420.71982/05/02Working station
SSB2 Tunnel de Badole - Saint Sauveur en Rue, France45.2794.5420.71991/11/191993/06/15
SSB3 Tunnel de Badole - Saint Sauveur en Rue, France45.2794.5420.71993/05/041993/06/16
TAM Tamanrasset, Algeria22.791495.528381.411983/11/16Working station
TAOE Taiohae - Marquesas islands, France-8.85492-140.147750.82004/11/01Working station
TRIS Tristan da Cunha-37.0681-12.31520.062004/03/03Working station
UNM Unam - Mexico, Mexico19.329662-99.1780652.281990/06/06Working station
WFM Westford - Massachusets, USA42.611-71.4910.0871984/05/171994/04/28
WUS Wushi - Xinjiang Uygur, China41.20071679.2164981.4681988/10/31Working station